Thursday, August 4, 2011

Papertrey Paper Dolls Challenge #43

Hi! This is Kristin and I'm here for the next PTI PaperDolls challenge! We just had a Blog Hop for Laurie W. and *THANK YOU* so much if you hopped along with us or joined in and played. We really were so excited for her! Then, we had SARA featured in this month's PTI Newsletter... can't get any better to be a doll this month (*and I don't want to forget LeeAnne getting her first publication notice too*). Yea!

Okay, back to the challenge people!!

My card here represents something I personally love seeing in *other people's* cards... but find difficult to use myself...newspaper style "paper" (and I don't mean news*print*... I love that stuff... I can easily work with TEXT!).  But take vintage pictures that have a newspaper "appearance" and I don't know how to work with them.

So, even if you have to print them off the internet (gasp... the horror! lol), try to incorporate this look in your card somehow.  Mish, Betsy, and others pull it off with STYLE.  :)  (look there for inspiration)  Fellow forum members also have a great way with this look.

Link your card here- we'd love to have you play along!


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  1. What a challenge! I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on! Thanks Kristin for the challnege!